My Bikes - My true love - Honda or Kawasaki?

The Beginning

Ok, so what bikes have I owned and why don't I have them anymore?
What bikes do I still have?
Seems like a simple question, so here we go!

The Best for Last: The ones I still have!

Did you see a trend?

I began life as a Honda fan. In every bike purchase, I looked to Honda first. I bought Hondas. I rode Hondas. I traded in my Hondas.

My first love was the Interceptor 500.

My last Honda was a 50cc run about.

What does that say about what Honda has done in the last 20 years?

Three Kawasaki's that I adore sit in my garage.

They could have been Hondas.

Other makes don't *do* it for me.

So here is the lineage of bikes that I have owned/possesed in order.